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"LTW" SERIES WEIGHING SYSTEM ON FORKHOLDER PLATE Weighing module for fork lift trucks with fixing guide according to DIN15173 - FEM class II standards, for transforming a normal lift truck into a mobile electronic scale. NRCS approval in...

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TPWLK "LOGISTIC" SERIES PALLET TRUCK SCALE Pallet truck scales, with built-in electronic weighing, which are reliable, easy to use, suitable for harsh work conditions. These are essential for one who needs to weigh accurately but save ti...

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TPWLK "LOGISTIC" SERIES PALLET TRUCK SCALE Pallet truck scale, with built-in electronic weighing, fitted with forks 680mm width, which making it ideal for the handling of pallets in the Food & Chemical Industry Sector. Fitted with...

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TPWLKI SERIES STAINLESS STEEL PALLET TRUCK SCALE Stainless steel pallet truck scales with built-in multirange electronic weighing, easy to use. Weight detection with four IP68 stainless steel load cells. Sturdy structure suitable for harsh work co...

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TPWA "ACTIVITY" SERIES PALLET TRUCK SCALE Pallet truck scale supplied with new DFW series integrated weighing indicator. The new program allows the user to easily access to main software functions and weighing operations. TPWA's flex...

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